1. Consistently produce beautiful work.

2. Professionally document your work & curate your portfolio.

3. Share it with people who appreciate your vision.

If you build it, photograph it & share it, they will come. Seriously.

Number ONE:

Consistently producing beautiful work is what you are already doing. My clients are typically skipping from job to job, building, designing and selling custom homes as quickly as they have the workforce to do them well.

Number TWO:

Professionally documenting & curating a portfolio that is in line with your creative genius is sometimes where my clients fall short, but mostly because they don’t have time. The reason you should make time is to continually hone in on the clients that you love the most. When you professionally document your favorite work and have it curated regularly, it delivers the best version of your vision to the people who appreciate it the most. Over the lifetime of a career your specialty will change and with experience you will more easily identify the clients you enjoy the most. To find those clients your portfolio needs to represent you at your best.

Number THREE:

A website is no longer enough to attract a fan base, you also need a primer to get their attention. While most of my clients are hesitant to get in the game, social media or online venues like Pinterest or Houzz are where it’s at. You don’t need to do all of them, pick the one that you like the most and be consistent. I know you’re busy. What you are building with social media is future clientele; the clients you want the most. The clients that are wonderful to work with, pay on time, who inspire and challenge you to do the work you always knew, or sometimes didn’t know, you were capable of.

WHO you share your work with is critical. I often see builders and designers sharing their work with other builders and designers. These aren’t likely your clients. One of the best business excercises I ever did came from Creative Business Coach Justine Clay, who asked me to grade all of my clients from A to D, and then identify what all of my A clients have in common. For me, my best clients are: a joy to be around, they are often very busy, they do exceptional work, love what they do, and  they pay on time. When you identify your ideal clients it is easier to figure out where to find more of them.

So what about The BUZZ you ask? Magazines like Architectural Digest are always referencing the latest demi-god on Instagram. This is no accident, people who do exceptional work, document it beautifully, and share it with the right people get BUZZ because they are in their zone. The first step? Get clear about your creative genius and who appreciates it the most.

Cheers, Melissa

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Instagram for builders
Instagram for builders
Instagram for builders

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