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Blogging is the best Return on Investment in marketing you can make for Architects, Builders, and Designers to pre-qualify clients and obtain organic search traffic.

Over the years we have done a lot of testing. From the start we wanted to provide the best services for our clients keeping in mind where they are at, what they want to accomplish and how much time they want/have to devote to their marketing.

Blogging has come out as the clear winner over every other type of marketing. Why?

Architects, builders, and designers are a rare breed. They have more specific knowledge on a broad scope of topics than almost any other profession. To build and design a structure you need to know history, geology, hydrology, design, and on and on. Combine that with what you need to know to run a business and it’s easy to say that architects and builders are a wealth of information. 

Blogging is an education platform. Your website now becomes your university.

Your ideal clients are in the research phase of building a custom home for more than 75% of that journey. If you are able to provide them with the information they are looking for before they are ready to hire, you will be the natural choice for them when they are ready. In addition, they are getting to know you and your process. You are answering questions that you normally explain over an over in person.

When they are ready to hire you, they will be pre-qualified because they already know you.

Educating prospective clients is the best reason to do blogging, the second reason is that it is a gold mind for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The currency of the internet is words.

Posting a blog is an investment like no other kind of marketing. You write it once and it will continue to bring you traffic for the life of your website. If you continue to update your website with new content Google rewards you by giving older posts even more traffic because your consistent activity tells google you are a trustworthy expert with authority. 

This combination of attributes: expertise, trust and authority is also what your ideal clients are looking for, it is a golden combination.

When you start to get leads from Google without paying for advertising, it feels like magic.

The magic of the education.

Blog Writing Packages

Blog Writing Packages

Blogging Details


Our Blog Writing Process

Who writes the blog?

We do the writing. If you have specific skills, solutions, or lists you want to be included it would be best for us to work from a draft article or we can work from an interview. We have a talented group of writers from Canada and the US who are blog specialists. We will cover all your options on our consultation call.

Can I get revisions on my articles?

Yes! We like to have the same writer working on your blog every month your feedback is helpful for improving future articles.  If you are not happy with your article we want to know! Let us know what what you’d like to improve and we will coach the writer who is assigned to your work.

Will the blog posts sound like me?

When you begin working with Dwelling Creative we ask a lot of questions about your target audience, your business goals, what services you want to be promoted, and what is important to your ideal clients. Of course, we can’t write exactly like you, but we can match your writing style, with the bonus of power-SEO strategies and a no hassle finished product that is posted to your website for you.

What is the advantage to posting a bundle of blog articles all at the same time?

It takes 3-6 months for google to start driving organic traffic to your site. But after a post has been up for 9 months you can revise it based on its performance and google will give it a boost of traffic in 30 days. 

How long is my contract?

Our starting blog writing package is 6 months. Remember that gaining traction with Google takes time. Once the post is on your site it is yours forever as opposed to advertising which dissapears as soon as your contract if finished.  

How will I know if my investment is working?

The best measures of your success from content marketing are list growth, traffic growth, and more inquiries/sales. Your blog should be a central part of a complete sales funnel. To learn more about developing your sales funnel contact us. We are always happy to share what we have learned to help you be more successful. 

What if I have specific solutions I want to be included?

Architects and builders often have specific niches that are industry specific. When we begin working with you we will record a video to provide our writers so that they can learn about your niche, your process and your personality. You can also provide 200-400 word draft article for us to work from.

How does Social Media work with blogging?

This is a great combination. We take information from the blog posts and combine it with images from your portfolio to drive traffic to your website. 

Happy Clients

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testimonials Taos New MexicoI struggled with putting all the marketing pieces together and Melissa dove right in to understand my clients, thinking outside of the box with the ideas about partnering with local galleries and restaurants. Big agencies were too expensive, impersonal or inexperienced; I would not have gotten the same creativity working with anyone else. I am comfortable telling Melissa information about my business; like when I didn’t get a job, she wanted to know why I didn’t get the job and if there were things I could do better to get it the next time. She brings continuity to our marketing with high energy and indelible creativity.

Dwelling Creative is an essential part of my team.”

Kevin Reed

Bluestone Construction, Asheville, NC

testimonials Taos New MexicoBefore Melissa even started building our site or taking any photos, she spent time with us. She wanted to know our story, who we are and what we wanted to communicate. With powerful questions and intuition, she was able to develop an incredible website that we felt was truly able to articulate the essence of who we are and what we do as a family business, Mammoth Mill Co. Her creativity with photography really impressed us. The shots she captured weren’t your run-of-the-mill photo-shopped pictures, they all have a story to tell and draw people in. We have been overwhelmed by the powerful responses we’ve received from our website. We’re thankful for finding Melissa, and all her talents. Thank you, for hearing us and delivering the beauty!!!”

Mammoth Mill & Construction

Log & Timber Homes

testimonials Taos New MexicoAside from being a pleasure to work with Melissa is a consummate ‘creative’. She has a fundamental sense of art and design that allows her to creatively pull together the big picture while juggling all the little details.

As we all know a great web design is not just all the pretty pictures it is also a carefully designed experience. Melissa is whip smart and fast on her feet when it comes to the underlying architecture that makes a website deliver that experience. This is an essential quality when the internet is forever perched on shifting sands.”

Chad Manley Design

Contemporary Furniture

The advantage to blogging is that you are building something that is yours forever. Advertising is gone as soon as the ad expires. Consistently posting to your website keeps your fans interested, educated, and inspired, while google will reward you with higher organic rankings.

Wondering how blogging could work for you? 

Congratulations. Action is the first step.


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