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Social Media Services for Architects, Builders and Designers

The best marketing is multi-faceted. We have tested social media for years now and find that social media is most effective when paired with blogging. This allows us to get more information about your specialty, your process and your personality. We take information from the blog posts and pair it with your portfolio photographs to create a media stream that delivers your story to a targeted audience (fans and peers).

People are on social media everyday, they are not on your website everyday.

Of course you need a website, but just having a website is no longer enough. You need something to drive traffic to your website. With a bevy of platforms to choose from, where do you start? We offer services for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for architects and builders.

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Social Media Package

Social Media Package



Our Social Media Services Process

Instagram remains the fastest growing social media platform with the most engagement. The highly visual simple grid layout emphasizes content that is inspiring. 

While Facebook is no longer our favorite organic platform (you have to buy advertising for your posts to get seen), it is a power house. With 2 billion monthly users, we post here because when you have something really important to say paying for advertising is usually worth the cost. When you do pay to advertise, it’s good to have a profile full of regularly posted photos.   

Pinterest’s largest benefit is as a search engine and link builder. Every post on Pinterest has a link connected with it that can lead back to your website. If your pin is shared with other people it has potential to spread far and wide. 

After trial and error, the system we have found that is the most cost effective and efficient for today’s social atmosphere involves audience building and engagement on Instagram, posting to Facebook for credibility and for occasional advertising, and link building on Pinterest. We leave direct messaging and engagement from Instagram and Facebook for you, as these are often specific questions or interested clients. 

The content that we generate for your social media comes from conversations with you, project descriptions from your website and from our own design expertise. It is important that you have very high quality photography of your projects. Check our blog posts on architectural photography for more information. We are a team of design nerds, from landscape architects, interior designers, architectural photographers and architects. We know your world because it’s our world too.

Concerned that what works now won’t work in a few years? We have designed our service packages based on years of testing and research. We keep our ear to the ground and track results so that when the market changes we know how to move you with it.

To find out more about how we pair our social media with blogging click here.


Social Results



testimonials Taos New MexicoI struggled with putting all the marketing pieces together and Melissa dove right in to understand my clients, thinking outside of the box with the ideas about partnering with local galleries and restaurants. Big agencies were too expensive, impersonal or inexperienced; I would not have gotten the same creativity working with anyone else. I am comfortable telling Melissa information about my business; like when I didn’t get a job, she wanted to know why I didn’t get the job and if there were things I could do better to get it the next time. She brings continuity to our marketing with high energy and indelible creativity.

Dwelling Creative is an essential part of my team.”

Kevin Reed

Bluestone Construction, Asheville, NC

testimonials Taos New MexicoBefore Melissa even started building our site or taking any photos, she spent time with us. She wanted to know our story, who we are and what we wanted to communicate. With powerful questions and intuition, she was able to develop an incredible website that we felt was truly able to articulate the essence of who we are and what we do as a family business, Mammoth Mill Co. Her creativity with photography really impressed us. The shots she captured weren’t your run-of-the-mill photo-shopped pictures, they all have a story to tell and draw people in. We have been overwhelmed by the powerful responses we’ve received from our website. We’re thankful for finding Melissa, and all her talents. Thank you, for hearing us and delivering the beauty!!!”

Mammoth Mill & Construction

Log & Timber Homes

testimonials Taos New MexicoAside from being a pleasure to work with Melissa is a consummate ‘creative’. She has a fundamental sense of art and design that allows her to creatively pull together the big picture while juggling all the little details.

As we all know a great web design is not just all the pretty pictures it is also a carefully designed experience. Melissa is whip smart and fast on her feet when it comes to the underlying architecture that makes a website deliver that experience. This is an essential quality when the internet is forever perched on shifting sands.”

Chad Manley Design

Contemporary Furniture

The key advantage to social media strategy is that you are building something that lasts. Advertising is gone as soon as the allotted time expires. A stream of beautifully curated social media posts sticks around for new admirers to explore years after the post is created. Not to mention, google pays attention to that kind of activity and rewards you in rankings.

Wondering how Social Media could work for you? 

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