Attract the right clients


Attract the right clients

Full Service Marketing Agency for Builders and Architecture Firms

Looking for higher quality clients?

We help ambitious architects, builders and designers position their business to build marketing material that attracts the right clients.

What would it cost you to learn what we know or to teach it to someone on your staff? With Dwelling Creative you know you have experience on your side and you can rest assured that it is being done right the first time. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on the work you love. 

We have tested every type of marketing under the sun and have distilled that long list into the methods with the best return on investment. Our method is based on Inspiration and Education.

Where to start?

A Marketing Masterplan

You wouldn’t recommend building a house without a plan, why would you build your business without one?

Have you let your marketing slide because you’re too busy or you’re not sure where to start? Has your client roster plateaued and you want to know how to bring in higher quality leads? As entrepreneurs we start out doing everything ourselves and it can be hard to see the path. We act as the north star to your best vision.

In this discovery session we talk about where your business is now, and focus on where you want your business to go next. If you are looking to establish yourself as the expert architect, builder or designer in your area, that is our specialty.

What’s included in a Masterplan:

1. Team deep dive to clarify company culture

2. Search engine optimization review

3. Identifying ideal client profile 

4. Clearly defined vision and goals.

5. Targeted messaging and branding guide.

6. Resource management to achieve objectives.

7. Website review and recomendations

8. Competitor analysis

9. Best in class marketing strategies to attract and pre-qualify the right clients

Put the Masterplan into action

As the creator of multi million dollar homes, quality methods and materials are what you do best. Does your marketing reflect that quality? Every touch point of your brand communications should be consistent with the high quality of your work. Even a small inconsistency can create a disconnect between what your clients are looking for, and how you’re presenting yourself to the world. Your presence should be as custom, beautiful, and unique as the homes you create.

When you hire Dwelling Creative to deliver a masterplan report we give you the information, tools and resources to implement it yourself or to train your staff. You can also hire us as your marketing team to implement the master plan. The services we offer are designed to establish you as the leader in your field by speaking the language of the highest quality clients and attracting the best talent to join your team.

Full List of Services

The Masterplan will provide a plan for how to implement the following marketing strategies based on your unique zone of genius.

We are a good fit for you if

  • You have experienced recessions and know that to survive them you need to be at the top of the list.
  • You know that you need to spend money and time on marketing when business is good, but don’t know where to start.
  • You are just plain busy and can’t do everything.
  • You have good communication.
  • You know to be successful you need to delegate work that is not your forte.

We are not a good fit for you if

  • You are just starting your business and have no portfolio. Our business is best suited to a company that has professional images we can work with. 

When was the last time you considered what you are working for? If you could design your life from the bottom up, what would it look like? What part of the business do you love the most and what do you want to delegate? All of these questions helps you to understand what clients you want to attract who will shape your business. This is what a marketing masterplan provides.

When you are clear about who and why, then we can design systems, symbols and messaging that speak directly to the people who appreciate you the most.

Happy Clients

"Melissa is a trend setter. She brings fresh, cutting edge creativity and intoxicating enthusiasm to just about anything she touches. She is deeply curious by nature, and sincerely interested in her clients - whether guiding a design process or seeking out the most original strategic marketing angle. Her engaging personality and professionalism makes her an absolute pleasure to work with."

Lesley Cox
Taos, New Mexico | Feel Design

"Melissa Lind is so helpful in explaining web! She has an artist’s eye and a techi brain—good combo. Pure Genius!"

Shelia Ross
Taos, New Mexico | A Shelia Ross Studio

"I cannot rave enough about Melissa. She redesigned my independent press site, 3: A Taos Press, for computer and iPhone, helped me display my online bookstore, continues to update my site for my authors, all the while doing the web work in a timely and professional manner. I recommend her to all my colleagues. I routinely receive compliments on my beautiful website. The best of the best!"

Andrea Watson
Denver, Colorado | 3: A Taos Press, Founding Publisher & Editor

"Melissa is tough when she has to be and always has a sense of humor. Two very important qualities, absolutely necessary, for completing a business web site, which often is a very personal experience. Her design sensibilities and consistency of design are impeccable. And she was always available to help me through the digital confusion."

Alan Powell
Taos, New Mexico | Alan Powell Design, Furniture & Architecture

"It has been is a delight to work with Melissa Lind on several photographic and promotional projects. Melissa did a fantastic job creating my new venture, developing both the photography and website design. She gives me excellent advice on how best to use the website to increase my business."

Dr. Adair Landborn
Tempe, Arizona | Professor

"It’s always a privilege to share testimonials for those whose talents and skills add value to your life and business, but it’s something entirely different to share one for someone whose acumen, wisdom, knowledge, experience, insights, vision and creativity take you beyond the ordinary and bring out the most extraordinary aspects of who you are and what you desire to give to the world.
Melissa falls into this category and is unlike anyone I’ve previously worked with, on both personal and professional endeavors. Melissa is a creative genius with a rare and unique gift of bringing exactly what you desire to share, build and create into the world in a way that goes beyond what you originally desired; she grows it in magnitude and showcases it in a way that is clear, concise, accurate and represents your most authentic voice.

Kellie Caldwell
Grand Junction, Colorado | Business Owner

"I struggled with putting all the marketing pieces together and Melissa dove right in to understand my clients, thinking outside of the box with the ideas about partnering with local galleries and restaurants. Big agencies were too expensive, impersonal or inexperienced; I would not have gotten the same creativity working with anyone else. I am comfortable telling Melissa information about my business; like when I didn’t get a job, she wanted to know why I didn’t get the job and if there were things I could do better to get it the next time. She brings continuity to our marketing with high energy and indelible creativity.
Dwelling Creative is an essential part of my team."

Kevin Reed
Asheville, North Carolina | Bluestone Construction

"Melissa is a rockstar. Talented, creative, client-focused, versatile, timely, communicative and a pure joy to work with. She makes every project feel unique and special, from the first meeting to the final deliverable."

Emily McCaffrey
Washington | Copywriter

"As we all know a great web design is not just all the pretty pictures it is also a carefully designed experience. Melissa is whip smart and fast on her feet when it comes to the underlying architecture that makes marketing deliver a personal experience. This is an essential quality when the internet is forever perched on shifting sands."

Chad Manley Design
Taos, New Mexico | Contemporary Furniture

"Before Melissa even started building our site, she spent time with us. She wanted to know our story, who we are and what we wanted to communicate. With powerful questions and intuition, she was able to develop an incredible marketing strategy that we felt was truly able to articulate the essence of who we are and what we do as a family business."

Mammoth Mill & Construction
Angel Fire, New Mexico | Log & Timber Homes

"Melissa is nimble and flexible- and always good humored, happily assisting with long or short term projects. She has helped with graphics for advertisements, email blasts with customers, social media promotions, blog posts, editing my photos, etc. She even stepped up to help with new product photos- which has been a great help! She has become a vital part of my business- I know I can rely on them to maintain my website, address marketing, PR and press requests."

Liz Pulver
Brooklyn, New York | Landscape Architect

"Melissa's work and insight is topnotch! She is responsible for selecting and editing my Instagram feed, blogs, and website updates. Her responsiveness and attention to detail are excellent, and as a designer, her aesthetic is in line with much of my own work. She is a joy to work with as well! I recommend her highly!"

Daniel G. Steger
West Roxbury, Massachusetts | DGS/a Architecture

"The work Dwelling Creative did for me has been very rewarding! I’m totally slammed with great projects, many of them came through the site in one way or another. I have an awesome Rammed Earth Home starting next month, they wanted to start sooner but I couldn’t do it. When I told them I needed to wait until spring 2022 they said they would be happy to wait and the reason they wanted me was because they love the work on the website, not just the photos, but that I presented myself in a way that made them feel really sure and they would wait as long as needed. More than anything I wanted to pass on the accolades that I get often and say Thank You."

Jed Magee
Taos, New Mexico | Magee Design Works

"Dwelling Creative is a top notch firm. We have had the privilege of working with them for years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Melissa is extremely patient while still being diligent and on top of every detail. If anything it is us who slows her down. Our brand has been elevated and our subsequent projects positively strengthened by working with Melissa and her team. We strongly encourage partnering with Dwelling Creative."

Hawlie Ohe & Brett Malkin
Manhattan Beach, CA | White Sands Design/Build