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Dwelling Creative connects architects & builders with the clients who appreciate them the most by curating online stories that inspire.


Dwelling Creative pulls together  a team of  independent design professionals who specialize in their particular fields of photography, graphic design, search engine optimization,  social media, marketing and more, tailored for every project, from all over the world.

Melissa Lind

Founder/Creative Director

Melissa attributes her diverse computer skills to playing video games as a child. Her first 10 year career as a practicing LEED landscape architect honed her taste for expensive custom homes & a discerning clientele in the Bay Area and Colorado. 

Her design pedigree began with her great grandfather, a Greenwich, Connecticut landscape architect who worked for the Olmsted Brothers (sons of Frederick Law Olmstead, the Landscape Architect of Central Park). 

She pivoted from design to marketing because of her ability to see big picture systems in the businesses of her contemporaries. Her extensive experience in the field helps her see and translate the specialties of architects and builders into branding that attracts top level clients. 

Having lived in Colorado, Arizona, Vancouver, California, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and Spain, she and her family (husband, toddler, cat) are happy to stake a claim in Taos, New Mexico; a big-culture little-town. She is inspired by the possibilities of the wild wild web and working with amazing people. 

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“Melissa is nimble and flexible- and always good humored, happily assisting with long or short term projects. She has helped with graphics for advertisements, email blasts with customers, social media promotions, blog posts, editing my photos, etc. She even stepped up to help with new product photos- which has been a great help! She has become a vital part of my business- I know I can rely on them to maintain my website, address marketing, PR and press requests.

Liz Pulver Design

Landscape Architect, Brooklyn, New York

“It’s always a privilege to share testimonials for those whose talents and skills add value to your life and business, but it’s something entirely different to share one for someone whose acumen, wisdom, knowledge, experience, insights, vision and creativity take you beyond the ordinary and bring out the most extraordinary aspects of who you are and what you desire to give to the world.
Melissa falls into this category and is unlike anyone I’ve previously worked with, on both personal and professional endeavors. Melissa is a creative genius with a rare and unique gift of bringing exactly what you desire to share, build and create into the world in a way that goes beyond what you originally desired; she grows it in magnitude and showcases it in a way that is clear, concise, accurate and represents your most authentic voice.
Melissa is impeccable, precise, detail-oriented and has insights that go beyond simply creating a website. Her gifts come to life through a deep care and passion for every element of a site and the person behind it – weaving who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you do it and the ways it can positively impact those you serve into every aspect of the finished project.
Melissa has been a gift in my life and business. I’m grateful to be her friend, and I look forward to years of partnership.”

Kellie Caldwell

Business Owner, Grand Junction, Colorado

“It has been is a delight to work with Melissa Lind on several photographic and promotional projects. Melissa did a fantastic job creating my new venture, developing both the photography and website design. She gives me excellent advice on how best to use the website to increase my business. “

Dr. Adair Landborn

Professor, Tempe, Arizona

DWELLING CREATIVE is when the risk of doing what you love supersedes what you do to survive; it is the abandoned shack in the back forty where you expected your workshop would come alive; it is cultivating a business that manifests joy because it is an extension of your best expression; it is the perfect combination of picture and word, to elevate your original, CREATIVE GENIUS.

architectural photography taos & santa fe new mexico

We capture the creative genius in your process with vivid photos.

web design taos new mexico & santa fe

We design a curated portfolio that speaks to your ideal clients.

social media Taos & Santa Fe New Mexico

We find the right audience & deliver your story.

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