Attract the right clients


Attract the right clients

45 Blog Topics for Architects, Designers, and Builders

You have a blog.

And it has one job…

to attract readers.

Those readers stop what they’re doing to enjoy your article.

And this is where the magic starts.

Those readers give you 5-10 minutes of their attention and then…

become fans, fans become prospects, prospects become clients.

But, for all this to work you have to do one thing: solve a problem.

It’s that simple: the secret to a blog that attracts business is great blog topics that solve problems.

In this post, I’m sharing 45 of my favorite blog topics for architects, designers, and builders.

You can use these as inspirations for more specific topics that match the unique approach you take with clients. To discover if your firm needs a blog, read this article first.

But, before we get to the blog topics for architects, designers, and builders, let’s quickly revisit the core value of your blog.

Solve problems

Your blog attracts new readers to your business.

It does that because it answers a question they are searching for.

For example, as you’re reading this post, thousands of people are typing questions into their search engine, like:

How do you hire an architect in ____________?
What is a general contractor?
What does it cost to build a home in ____________?
Mistakes to avoid when renovating a kitchen?
Design ideas for homes in ____________?
Green energy solutions in ____________?

In fact, over 80% of your website traffic will be from new readers who found you through their search enquiry. That’s why it’s so important that each blog post makes it obvious what the problem is you’re writing about and what’s the solution!

This post is about finding great blog topics. I made that obvious in the first sentences. I also make it obvious what you will get from reading this article.

Let’s jump into 45 blog topic ideas for architects, designers, and builders. These are organized into 6 categories:

  1. How you work with clients
  2. Green construction
  3. Area-specific
  4. Home design
  5. Livability
  6. Investment

How you work with clients

  1. How long should a home design/build project take?
  2. Understanding relationships between architect and builder
  3. # questions you should ask your realtor
  4. # questions you should ask your architect
  5. # questions you should ask your contractor
  6. How to Prepare for a Home Remodeling Project
  7. How to budget for a new home build project
  8. Case study: tight budget

Green construction

  1. Demolition considerations
  2. New materials
  3. New procedures
  4. Pro’s and con’s for energy solutions
  5. Passive energy in building design
  6. Energy-efficient windows
  7. Green energy innovations (batteries, solar, geothermal)
  8. How to measure ROI on green home features

blogging for custom home builders


  1. Why #### is a great area to live/raise kids/retire
  2. Home design bylaws
  3. Unique home design features
  4. Weather considerations and design
  5. Area growth statistics
  6. Weather and landscaping
  7. Case study: fitting new design in an old neighborhood

Home design

  1. Should I move or remodel?
  2. ## questions to ask before designing your new home
  3. Glossary of construction and design terms
  4. ## mistakes to avoid
  5. Small home/big home decisions
  6. What size makes sense?
  7. ## mistakes when designing a bathroom
  8. Avoiding design clutter


  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Air quality
  3. Choosing colors
  4. ## examples of outdoor living space
  5. Pet-friendly home features
  6. New lighting innovations
  7. Hi-tech ideas for security and entertainment
  8. How to secure your home


  1. How to budget for new home construction
  2. Cost calculations
  3. How to avoid costly last-minute design changes
  4. How to create an ROI on flipping a new home
  5. Home warranties and how they work
  6. How to avoid new home construction cost surprises

If you’d like help with your blog strategy or how to master plan your business, we’d be glad to help. Click here to learn more about my 60-minute strategy coaching sessions and book yours today.

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