Attract the right clients


Attract the right clients

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Workshops for Architects & Builders 

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Aligning goals and values is the foundation for every business. When you are confident why you are doing the work you are doing then leadership, team building, time management, goal setting, communication skills, negotiations and marketing all fall into place. 

Workshops for architects and builders led by Dwelling Creative owner, Melissa Lind, start with where your business is now, and focuses on where you want your business to go next. 

Workshop Options

1. Defining personal and professional values

2. Lining up values with goals using a copyrighted process

3. Assessing leadership strengths

4. Examining your team and identifying what is missing

5. Efficiency and time management strategies

6. Resource management to achieve objectives

7. Systems to hire and on-board top talent

8. Client communications, identifying motivations

9. Hands on, stand up, moving around workshopping  

Your Workshop Leader

Melissa Lind has been working with builders and architects for 20 years, first as a landscape architect designing high-end residential landscapes in the Bay Area, and for the last 10 years as a marketing and business development leader. She is the author of A Clarity Journal, a quarterly value and goal setting system designed to identify inspired action leading to your most satisfying personal and business decisions.  

Dwelling Creative offers workshops in person or online. To get more information, contact Melissa below.