Attract the right clients


Attract the right clients

Free Online
Marketing Workshop

Specializing in

Architects & Builders


Marketing Workshop for Architects & Builders 

How to find more high quality
leads and freedom.

You will be emailed information about
possible dates for the workshop.

We will cover the following topics in the workshop:

1. Portfolio Curation

2. Google My Business Reviews + Maps

3. Content Marketing (Educating your clients) 

4. Social Media (The good, the bad, and the ugly)

5. Networking (finding your Brand Ambassadors)

Your Workshop Leader

Melissa Lind has been working with builders and architects for 20 years, first as a landscape architect designing high-end residential landscapes in the Bay Area, and for the last 10 years as a marketing and business development leader for high achieving architects and builders across the nation. She is the author of A Clarity Journal, a quarterly value and goal setting system designed to identify inspired action leading to your most satisfying personal and business decisions.

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