Attract the right clients


Attract the right clients

Marketing Packages for Custom Home Professionals

As the creator of multi million dollar homes, quality methods and materials are what you do best. Does your marketing reflect that quality? Every touch point of your brand communications should be consistent with the high quality of your work. Even a small inconsistency can create a disconnect between what your clients are looking for, and how you’re presenting yourself to the world. Your presence should be as custom, beautiful, and unique as the homes you create. 

How much time would it take you or your staff to learn and stay up to date with the strategies that we offer? What could you accomplish if you were devoting that time to things you enjoy or is your specialty? We offer these packages that have been tested over 7 years of working with builders and architects. We have learned over the years that having a laser focus on these elements gives you the best Return On Investment. We have tested everything. And will continue to test. When you choose Dwelling Creative be assured that we are always learning what is new and what is working. We will suggest changes to these packages if we see that they worth the investment. 

We are a good fit for you if

  • You have experienced recessions and know that to survive them you need to be at the top of the list.
  • You know that you need to spend money and time on marketing when business is good, but don’t know where to start.
  • You are just plain busy and can’t do everything.
  • You have good communication.
  • You know to be successful you need to delegate work that is not your forte.

We are not a good fit for you if

  • You are just starting your business and have no portfolio.  
  • You don’t have a marketing budget.
  • You tend to micro manage your team.

When was the last time you considered what you are working for? If you could design your life from the bottom up, what would it look like? What part of the business do you love the most and what do you want to delegate? All of these questions helps you to understand what clients you want to attract who will shape your business. This is what a marketing masterplan provides. 

When you are clear about who and why, then we can design systems, symbols and messaging that speak directly to the people who appreciate you the most.