Attract the right clients


Attract the right clients

How to show the energy of great home design: wine & cheese

The after project photoshoot

The photos you use on your project pages are your core photos. These show your work perfectly. But showing how people move in the space shows the energy of your work. Not only does this bring a more creative energy to your website and social media, it gives you more content to share.

What is my favorite way to get this kind of photography? Have a small gathering with your clients, colleagues, or friends. Bring wine, cheese, and crackers and hire a wedding photographer.

People in photos fill the space with the kind of energy that really lives there.

Hand-held shots are not as perfect as the tri-pod architectural photo, instead they add spirit. They are also much easier to shoot giving you potential for a lot more content.

We design spaces to live in them, work in them, play in them. People are essential to the spaces. Without them, there is no need for the space. Having architectural photos with people gives context and allows your audience to envision themselves there, living that dream.

A casual gathering of people for a shoot doesn’t need to be complicated to organize. Three people is enough to see how people move through the design. If all else falls through a well placed cat is a great shot.

If you are interested in more information about how to attract the right clients I'd be delighted to hear about your business.

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