Woodshop photography: SPANISH LUTHIER

woodwork photography, Spanish LuthierI was only in Jerez for two days, but I had the great fortune to stay with a phenomenal couple, Carmen and David. They have a sweet historic home that is walking distance from the train station. Carmen is studying English and David is a Luthier. What luck . . . I’ve always wondered what kind of person could make an instrument.

David was as anxious to show me his work as I was to see it. Starting with a flat piece of wood and the tracing of a violin, the wood is cut, and then using a sort of topographical map comprised of drilled holes (each a precise depth), David hand carves the curves of the instrument body. It is the kind of work you can’t imagine a person having the patience and skill to achieve. David has several students he is guiding through the luthier process. I now dream about carving out my own fiddle….though maybe he would let me start with a ukulele. I can’t imagine a more satisfying reason to get back to Spain.


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