Top 5 marketing tips: for builders, designers & architects

Top 5 marketing tips for designers, builders & architectsMarketing for homebuilders is all about finding the right audience, gaining their trust with reviews, and then inspiring them with professional quality photographs of your work.

The top five most important marketing suggestions for designers, builders, and architects are:

1.  Document your finished work with professional photographs.

2.  Register your business with Google My Business.

3.  Setup a free (or paid) profile on Houzz.

4.  Ask clients to give you a review on Houzz, your facebook business page, and or google and then copy them to your website. Online reviews show up on your Google My Business profile. See the blog, How, When & Why to get 5 star reviews.

5. Pick one social media platform that interest you, and post pictures of projects you’re working on, or resources your clients would be interested in.

The most important one on the list? Document your work with professional quality photographs. Nothing sells your work better than your own outstanding work. The Wall Street Journal reports, “listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076.” Even if you’re not a realtor, those kind of numbers indicate what kind of boost presentation counts for.

What kind of photos? Kitchens are number one. Take photos of people using the space, opening drawers, serving food, hanging out at the table. Let the dogs run through the house and the kids hang out on the floor. Document people stuff because people love people.

Why kitchens? 1 in 6 Houzz users renovated a kitchen, spending $50,000-$55,000 on average. Kitchens are where it’s at. In a Houzz survey, the average time spent in the kitchen is 3 hours per day. Cooking, cleaning, entertaining. People also reported that after renovating a kitchen they were making healthier eating choices because it was such a joy to be in the kitchen, and that added up to more family time. People want to build custom homes because they are looking to improve their lifestyle. Show them what that new lifestlye looks like.

Cheers, Melissa

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