Photographing A TAOS, New Mexico ARTIST STUDIO

Photographing an Artist Studio is about as good as it gets for a photographer. The scene is set. There is no need to stage the scene, because you want it to look exactly like it does when the artist is in the throws of creativity. Paint brushes squirreled away, pot shards in a pile, work lined up.

Studio photographs represent the daily process of showing up to the canvas, or the wheel, or the drawing board. There’s nothing like actually trying something to give you an appreciation for what it takes to master an art, but a series of detailed photographs of an artist studio is a good start.

The most famous example, Georgia O’keeffe. Her husband, Alfred Stieglitz was a famous photographer. Would she have been as famous without his detailed documentation of her life? Obviously she had a life, style, and talent worthy of photogarphy and that’s exactly what drew Stieflitz to her, but if she hadn’t wanted photographs, would her work have been as popular. No way. The Georgia O’keefe Museum has an instgram feed that recently posted photographs of her closet, she had 23 of the same style dress made, 20 in cotton, one silk and one velvet. What an exceptional kind of into her creative genius.

Seri T del Bosque is a cermacist and fine artist in Taos, New Mexico with a lifestyle, body of work, and personality highly photogenic. Clay snakes pinched together, dried, and then judiciously placed, buried and set on fire in a brew of hay, fruit-wood, copper, and blessed sage. Another stunning example of the omnipresent creativity that is Northern New Mexico.

Thank you, Seri for the invitation to document your process.

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