Landscape Architect: LIZ PULVER DESIGN

Liz Pulver and I worked together as landscape architects in the Bay Area a decade ago. One of the first things I remember about her is that she was heading up a program to brighten up the street where we worked with large painted concrete planters. Her initiative is astounding. At every turn in her career she is consistently searching to lift design to superior levels.

Now she lives and works in New York where she’s created a line of garden accessories for urbanites. She was looking for a little  something that could expand the limitations of an apartment. Her vertical garden solution, The Garden Tote.

The first apartment building I lived in was in downtown Oakland, and I had no idea how much I would miss being able to mess around in the dirt until I found myself composting into a five gallon bucket. The appreciation of planting a seed in the ground is hugely multiplied when the dirt is seven floors down. I would have loved to have these bright colors swinging spices above my kitchen sink.

Liz also continues to practice landscape architecture with specialties in Manhattan, roof top design and project management. I’m so thrilled to be working with my good friend and fellow entrepreneur. Congratulations Liz, for being an inspiration and elevating the field.

You can find Liz Pulver’s Garden Totes and examples of her landscape architecture work here at 

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