Spanish Cotton: FASHION Photography

Fashion Photography, Taos, New MexicoWhat better place for a photo shoot than the castles of Spain.  There is nothing like the photograph of a cotton dress and leather sandals to bring you right back to a summer moment. These girls were part of a six-week summer abroad language program in Cadiz.

Cadiz is a hot spot for Spanish language acquisition because it’s on the beach and the locals don’t speak much English. In most Spanish-speaking countries it’s easy to get around without knowing Spanish, but in Southern Spain, Andalusia in particular, there is no reason to leave and there is no reason to learn English, they like things just the way they are.

Many of the things for sale in Southern Spain are from Spain, but just as much is brought over from Africa. Only a half hour boat ride and another half an hour driving to get to Cadiz. The African influence is evident not only in the many shops and restaurants, but especially the architecture.

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