Mammoth-Mill-&-Construction-Custom-Log-&-Timber-Homes-Builders-18One of the first things I ask my clients about is their target audience. This is such critical information because it determines the tone of the entire project. Who are we speaking to? In the case of Mammoth Mill & Construction in Angel Fire, New Mexico, their clients are typically couples close to retirement from Texas, who want a second home to get out of the heat and bring their family together.

Their clients want a mountain lifestyle that is fresh air, tall trees, starry skies, and a log home where they can wrap themselves in the kind of retirement lifestyle they always dreamed about. Stacked log walls have a fully American West feel that is a constant reminder that you aren’t at work anymore, that it’s time to play cards and fire up the barbecue.

Our marketing strategy followed suit: the beds are made, the skis are waxed, and the bookshelves are stocked with the books you always wanted to read. Your log cabin get-away is ready for you as soon as you make the time.

Houzz is a big deal for designers. They offer a free profile and are a great way to get your website link on a reputable site. More than that, they do surveys of their users and share the statistics and demographics on where money is spent. You can see their webinars about what is driving renovation activity here.

Not surprisingly, most construction money is spent on kitchen and bath renovations. The demographic spending the most money is exactly in line with Mammoth’s demographic. They are looking for kitchen’s and baths that are easy to clean with lots of built-in storage. The most popular images on Houzz are the one’s that show creative ways to hide stuff. Interesting? Yes. Surprising? Not really.

So what do we highlight in marketing photography? Kitchens, baths, innovative storage and people living and breathing in the space. This is true inside and outside of the home. Residential landscape architecture used to be patios and gardens, now it is centered around an outdoor kitchen. It’s no accident that most people end up in the kitchen at parties. It’s where the grub is at!

This home is in Angel Fire, New Mexico, built by Mammoth Mill & Construction. You can see more of their work here:

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