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Marketing. Do I have to?

  But Why? The question is not, do you have enough work? The question is, do you have the right work? As a business owner I know how easy it can be to keep your head down and focus on work in front of you. I spent years doing that until I had a quarter when I got to...

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How to build BUZZ for your business

1. Consistently produce beautiful work. 2. Professionally document your work & curate your portfolio. 3. Share it with people who appreciate your vision. If you build it, photograph it & share it, they will come. Seriously. Number ONE: Consistently producing beautiful...

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Curating INSTAGRAM & SOCIAL media

 One of the biggest mistakes I see builders make on their business social media accounts is posting construction progress photos that don’t resonate with their ideal clients. My grandmother is a home and garden junkie, who also owns several properties. She likes...

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