HOW & WHY to get high quality BATHROOM photographs

Photographing bathrooms can be tricky because they are small spaces with a lot of reflective surfaces. But a well photographed bathroom can add huge value to your portfolio or real estate listing.

One in 5 Houzz users renovated a bathroom at an average cost of $20,000-$30,000. A Houzz survey reports that renovators ages 35 and up spend from 6-8 months researching materials, contractors, and styles before they actually spend any money. Photographs are where they start.

Staging a bathroom with simple and neutral items can be very effective, but more likely than not there are too many things in a bathroom. Clear it all away. Among the most saved photographs on Houzz are creative storage areas, like this craftsman center column of drawyers and shelves by custom home builder Mammoth Mill & Construction. A mix of micro and macro shots are great to document neat small like a clawfoot tub or inset cabinets.

People (especially nearing retirement) are starting to spend more money in bathrooms because they want to enjoy the daily routine of getting ready, or winding down the day in a bath with oils and a swanky robe. Fifty percent of renovators on Houzz are 55 and older, but the 35-54 age group is only slightly behind at 41%. 

The main concerns for the 55+ group are finding the right service providers, products & materials. Designs that integrate aging-in-place concepts are very popular. The main concerns for the younger group are staying on budget and defining their personal style.

Both start with inspiring images.

Cheers, Melissa Lind

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